Remote Respects


Right now there are people who share your grief but cannot share your space. We can help you share your memories and memorial with the people that matter.

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How it Works

As long as there is an internet connection (we can help as needed) Remote Respects manages your memorial webcast from just about anywhere. Graveside, funeral home, however you've chosen to honour your loved one, our staff are mindful and supportive.

We create a page with your service embedded, and provide a link to share with friends and family. This page can include items such as a guestbook, prayers, or song lyrics.

We manage site visits, microphone and camera setups, coordination with your funeral director and provide a high quality broadcast for your loved ones to visit at their comfort. Our professional staff are polite, well dressed, and adhere to all mask and distancing requirements.

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The price for a basic service (three hour minimum, videographer, set up and tear down) is $1,750 + tax, giving you less to worry about at this time.